The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) defines specialty coffee as coffee that scores more than 80 points on a 100 point scale. The grading allows for only 5 “defects” per 12 ounces, making it the purest class of coffee beans on the planet!

The unique thing about specialty coffee is that it is only found in certain “micro-climates" - little pockets around the world where the conditions are just right. This means every batch of specialty coffee has a distinct and singular flavor profile. The extremely sophisticated nature of specialty coffee means it can only be grown in a handful of locations on earth, and not even Starsucks uses specialty coffee!

With coffee bean being the main ingredient in making that amazing frappe, or latte it has to be of great quality to achieve that desired outcome. It all starts with the perfect coffee bean. We've searched, and searched for that quality coffee bean for what seems like forever. Like most we started at the bottom with the cheaper brands that can be found in places such as your local grocery stores, and the end result is a cheap bean equals a cheap taste often being either stale, too tart, or just plain nasty.

We've been able to find some amazing coffee beans from various regions around the globe. We understand that one person's desired taste can differ from the others. With that said we've took the favorites from multiple regions, and built a place where they can all be found, and that's here at White Tree Coffee Co.

Price was another obstacle to overcome. Although these quality coffee beans aren't the cheapest they give you that return on investment taste. If you can't find that desired flavor, and taste with us then it simply doesn't exist. I personally love cold coffee, and that puts me drinking around 6 shots of espresso a day so I look for a taste that I don't get tired of.

We've broken down the flavors of each bean type, we then listed them in the description to better help aid you in picking the best coffee bean for you. You can rid your concerns with the freshest with our, shipping the same day as roasting service, and quality packaging. We keep our beans fresh, but some people may prefer a more rugged taste, so we came up with a solution to those who want that old west flavor with our 30 day whiskey barrel aged bean. If that's what you're after, be sure to give that one a try.

We offer single origin, mixed origin, and specialty flavors. If you're still skeptical, just try a small sample pack. Let your search for that perfect flavor end with us here at White Tree Coffee Co.

Happy brewing.